About Us

Minyan Shaleym is an independent, traditional-egalitarian, lay-led, and multi-generational congregation that meets every Shabbat morning, as well as for Jewish holidays, life cycle events, and other communal activities.

As a community, Minyan Shaleym is committed to the observance of shabbat, holidays, and kashrut. We are fully respectful of the broad spectrum of observance among our members, and we welcome all Jews regardless of level of knowledge or religious practice.


Membership in Minyan Shaleym is open to all Jews regardless of ability to pay dues.

Benefits of membership include the opportunity to hold your life cycle events at the Minyan, the right to vote at Minyan meetings, and access to the Minyan membership list and the members-only area of the Minyan web site.


We are a community that is committed to the Jewish value of Talmud Torah, providing opportunities for individuals and for the community at large to further their Jewish knowledge. We do this by providing classes in Torah reading and davening skills, organizing study groups, and bringing in speakers to teach and discuss issues of importance to us as a community.


Minyan Shaleym is committed to the Jewish tradition of tzedakah. We donate 10 percent of our annual income to charitable organizations as decided by our tzedakah committee. We participate on an ongoing basis in Family Table, a local Jewish community project to provide food to needy Jewish families in the Greater Boston area. Learn more about social action at the Minyan here.