Kashrut Guidelines

All Minyan meals are kosher dairy/pareve. Prepared foods (anything that is not packaged, including salads) may be brought only from a kosher kitchen.

If you do not have a kosher kitchen, please bring kosher-certified food such as whole fruit and vegetables, juice, wine, challah, or Entenmann’s cake. If you are interested in making your kitchen kosher, the Minyan will be happy to help. Please contact the steerers for more information.

What foods don’t need a hekhsher?

All ingredients used to prepare Minyan food must be certified kosher with a hekhsher except: plain rice, dried beans, frozen unsweetened orange juice, fresh pure juices (except those containing grapes), soda (except grape), lemon juice, corn meal, baking powder, baking soda, pure spices, flour, sugar, fresh fruits and vegetables, canned fruits and vegetables if they are canned only in their own juice, and frozen fruits and vegetables.

Cheese must be hekhshered or rennetless. Rennetless cheeses must be either factory packaged or cut in a store that does not sell meat.

If there is any question about an item, please contact the steerers.

What foods need to be labeled?

Dishes prepared from rennetless cheeses should be labeled as such. This includes grated parmesan cheese.

Dishes containing wine or other alcoholic beverages should be labeled in consideration of those who do not eat such food.

Important note about food allergies:

There are minyan members with severe tree nut and fish allergies. Please do not bring items containing tree nuts or fish to Minyan events.