Kiddush Shopping and Setup Guidelines

There are two separate Kiddush Coordinator jobs that can be done by two different people.

The first is the before job. The person doing this job is responsible for purchasing food, delivering it to Temple Sinai before shabbat.

The second is the during and after job. This person is responsible for putting out the food during services, cleaning up after the kiddush, and returning after shabbat.

Kiddush Shopper (job #1)

Paying for Kiddush

Upon request, the Minyan will reimburse kiddush expenses, but the Minyan also welcomes kiddush sponsors. The Kiddush Coordinator or someone else can sponsor the kiddush, but the Kiddush Coordinator remains responsible for bringing and setting up the kiddush regardless of how it is paid for.

Before Shabbat: Keys and Food

  • Get the Minyan keys from either the Keepers of the Keys or from the previous week’s Kiddush Coordinator.
  • Buy kiddush food and bring it to Temple Sinai before Shabbat.

Kiddush Setup (job #2)

On Shabbat: Kiddush

  • Set up kiddush in the vestibule of Weintraub Auditorium. Most people start this during Musaf and get one or two others to help.
  • Temple Sinai requires kiddush to be consumed in the vestibule and lobby only, not in Weintraub Auditorium.
  • Clean up after kiddush. Others can help here as well.

On Shabbat: Storing the Minyan Banner and Locking Up

    • After kiddush, untie the Minyan banner hanging outside on the Temple Annex porch railing. Roll it up and store it in the Minyan closet behind the Weintraub stage area.
    • Lock the Minyan’s storage closet.
    • Before leaving lock the doors to the outside. See the locks section for more about locking up.

What Can I Bring for Kiddush?

The kiddush can be elaborate or simple. Minimum requirements are wine and grape juice, and some sort of munchie food. The usual things include chips, crackers, hummus, salsa, and fruit. Do not provide bread or challah as this is not a full meal and shouldn’t require benching.

Before you start buying, be sure to check the kashrut guidelines and contact the previous week’s Kiddush Coordinator to find out what was left over. You can find out who this person is by looking on our online calendar or by contacting the meta-coordinator.

Warning About Food Allergies

There are Minyan members who have food allergies. Before you buy food for kiddush, make an effort to find out which foods members are allergic to and if people who have allergies will be at your kiddush. Contact the steerers if you have any questions.

Kiddush Supplies and Storage

Kiddush food must be labeled and stored in the downstairs kitchen of the Temple School annex, on the right-side floor of the refrigerator, which is to your left as you enter the kitchen.

Tape legible Minyan Shaleym labels on your food bags so that they do not fall off.

Over to the right as your enter is the Minyan’s storage cabinet. There you will find platters, napkins, plates, bowls, plasticware, large and small cups, etc., that you can use for kiddush. The cabinet is stocked with these supplies on a regular basis, so you don’t have to buy those for your kiddush, unless they are low.

If you see that any kitchen supplies are low, contact the Kitchen Supplies person. Do not use Temple Sinai kitchen items.